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Hair Perming Services at Loré Hairdressing Salon in North Baddesley

Perming Hair Salon North BaddesleyContemporary perms are great for men and women looking for more volume, bounce and life in their hair.  

We have the ability to create the most stunning waves and curls for our valued clients, from tight curls to smooth waves.

Some people are better candidates for perms than others.

If you would like to speak to one of our experts about whether a perm hairstyle is for you, book a free hair consultation at our North Baddesley salon.

Is A Perm Hairstyle Suitable For Me?

Some hair types are more difficult to perm, perms work best on thick hair that has not been coloured. If you’re not sure if your hair is perm-ready, book in for a consultation at Loré Hairdressing.

What Kind of Perm Can I Have?

Perm Salon North BaddesleyIt is important that you discuss the look that you are going for at your consultation. Your Loré Hairdressing perm specialist will assess your hair and advise you on how we can get your desired curl.

If you’re concerned about getting curls that are too tight, ask your stylist to show you the rods that they will use to perm your hair. Some factors that determine the tightness or looseness of the curl include the Rod size and how long perm solution is kept in.

How Long Will My Perm Appointment Take?

The length of your perm appointment will depend on the length of your hair and the type of perm you are having. Don’t forget that a perm takes about 28 hours on average to settle, so don’t worry about the end result right away.

How Long Will My Perm Last?

A perm typically lasts between 2 & 6 months. Ask your stylist about ways you can help to maintain your perm as much as possible.

How Should I Prepare My Hair For a Perm Hairstyle?

The night before your perm appointment you should wash your hair using a moisturising shampoo. You should avoid using a deep conditioner 24 hours before your perm or your curls may not take. 

Book Your Perm Consultation at Loré Hairdressing Salon in North Baddesley

If you are considering a perm, is it important to book in for a complimentary consultation to determine if a perm is right for you. Book now by calling 023 8073 2591.

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