How To Find Your Dream Haircut

Finding The Perfect Haircut For You Lore Hairdressing Salon in North Baddlesley

Choosing Your Perfect Haircut at Loré Hairdressing Salon in North Baddesley

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the best haircut for you - with the shape of your face being one of the most important!

To get started, we recommend booking in for a complimentary hairstyle consultation at our hairdressing salon in North Baddesley. Our team of experienced stylists can assess your face shape and suggest the perfect haircut for you.

In the meantime, read on to find out more about finding the best haircut to suit your face shape...

Haircuts for Rectangular Shaped Faces

If you have a rectangular face shape, you should try to avoid hairstyles that elongate the face, for example, longer hairstyles without layers or short fringes. A better option would be to choose layered hairstyles to highlight your cheekbones and soften the angles of your face. Fringed hairstyles are also a great option for rectangular faces as they draw the eye from the bottom half of the face. 

Haircuts for Oval Faces

Oval face shapes can suit a wide range of hairstyles and look great with short, cropped hairstyles. A middle-part will help to maintain the balance of your oval shaped facem whilst longer hairstyles with minimal layers or soft waves can highlight your features and bring out your cheekbones. 

Haircuts For Square Face Shapes

A square-shaped face usually features a broad forehead, wide cheekbones, and a strong jawline that are all of similar widths. Selecting a haircut which softens your features is essential to complement your bone structure. Longer layered hairstyles can soften the angles of your face and side swept fringes or side partings will draw attention to your cheekbones and reduce the appearance of your jawline. 

Haircuts For Heart Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces should opt for a hairstyle which minimises the appearance of a wider brow and balances out the lower portion of your face. A pixie cut with textured ends can look stunning on a heart-shaped face. A longer bob haircut will ensure fullness around your jaw, whilst a medium length wavy hairstyle will also flatter a heart shaped face. 

Hairstyles For Diamond Faces

Diamond faced shapes are usually angular, with the cheekbones being the widest part of the face. A layered, wavy hairstyle with a side parting does a great job at softening the face. You can also balance a slim jawline with a chin-length bob haircut or, if you often wear your hair up, a pulled back ponytail will flatter your face shape and enhance your cheekbones.

Haircuts For Rounder Faces

Round face shapes tend to have similar width and length as well as prominent, rounded cheeks. The best haircuts for those with round faces are styles that add definition and shape, such as long layered cuts and edgy pixie hairstyles. Avoid chin-length bob haircuts or styles with longer hair without layers. 

Book Your Free Hairstyle Consultation at Loré Hairdressing Salon in North Baddesley

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